We help e-tailers, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations of varying sizes with precision strategies as well as huge, innovative ideas.

If you search “internet marketing consulting” or some similar expression, the number of retrieved results is mind-boggling. That’s because internet marketing strategy is a bit like running. Most everyone can do it, and some can even do it for short distances. But effective, world-class, market-changing marketing strategy is scarce and difficult to find. It is a rare blend of strategy, creative ideation and analytic science that creates simple and lasting connections with consumers, and creates positive conversations about you and your brand in the marketplace.
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1. Discover.

First, we listen to you. Successful engagements always involve clear communication and a deep understanding of the client’s business situation. Then we study your customers, paying special attention to what they say, what they do and where they click. All Morgan & Corinth designers are passionate observers of how real-life users interact with products and websites.

2. Plan.

Most likely your project has many important business goals, with various levels of priority and difficulty. Morgan & Corinth has been the central planning and product definition hub for many small and medium business (SMB’s) projects online. We’ll carefully study your technical and… (continue reading)


Research & Analytics.

Our research group identifies your audience needs, attitudes and behavior, in order to define why and how users want to interact with your web site. Our analytics group determines key performance indicators and analyzes interaction to continually improve the experience and effectiveness of each development.

Strategy & Planning.

We translate research insights into marketing and business strategy. Our team devises a clear plan to achieve core brand and business goals, from raising awareness and shaping brand perception to creating engaged user bases and catalyzing specific behavior.

User Experience (UX/UI/iA).

  • User personas and scenarios
  • Content strategy
  • Interaction design
  • Business analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Mobile experience design


  • Creative concept
  • Visual design
  • Copywriting
  • Asset development

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Web development & e-commerce.

This is our core. Our wheelhouse. We’ve been developing web sites since shortly after Alta Vista search platform received it first round of funding (a long, long time ago). And we’ve developed sites for entertainment groups, non-profit organizations, SMB’s, Yellowpage companies and many others along the way.

Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Dribble, YouTube, Foursquare… Developing a web site is just the beginning as your customers are most likely someplace else on the Internet. We connect your web presence with your social presence giving your the complete picture

Partnership Management.

Have partners that are difficult to manage? Not sure you are receiving the best rate for your product? Need to create a service level agreement to go along with that master agreement you just inked? Partner management is a necessity of business whether you are dealing with vendors across the street or across the globe. You have enough to worry about with delivering on your customers product. Let us handle the rest. We have relationships with distributers here and abroad to help with your drop shipping efforts as well.

Search Marketing.

SEM, SEO. Search engines need to find you and your web site needs to be optimized for when they do. Morgan+Corinth partners with some of the best search marketers in the industry… and some of the best rates too. Nervous about search marketing? We’re not.

SaaS Development.

Software as a Service. Some of the clients we’ve worked with requested additional custom cloud development that it just seemed natural to add this to our growing list of Servies. Describe to us what you have in mind and we’ll wire-frame a couple of options for you. We love taking on special request such as this.


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Social Media Management

We know it’s a lot of work to manage Twitter, Facebook and YouTube sites not to mention the other dozen or so social networks out there. It can be a full time job. Then there’s your actual full time job running your business. You know what… don’t worry about it. We’ll manage those pesky social networks for you. Visit SMO for more information.

Social Media Optimization

Every business needs more followers, more fans and more people to view their YouTube videos. And every business needs a percent of those followers to get more followers to try your product and spread the word. Getting that done organically can be a difficult feat but just like you pay for advertising to shine light on your business, you can also acquire followers to preach about your product and services to. Visit SMO for more information.

$99 & $498 HTML5 Sites

Sometimes you don’t need custom web development. Maybe all you need is a fully responsive, platform independent, glossy single page or multi – page site. We have created two types of HTML5 sites that are visually appealing, and will give you the digital presence you’re looking for without going the custom route. Visit Plans for more information.

Of course, if you want a WordPress site or custom development work, we begin with this application here.

Pre/Post Wedding Parallex Single Page Sites

“When ya’ getting married?,” is a question my grandmother asks me every time I see her. Without fail. Many of you have grandmothers just like mine. Why not inform her -and the rest of the world- by announcing your engagement via a beautifully developed, single page parallax site? Just got married you say? No problem, we have some pretty cool looking sites for you to show the world the events of your big day. Visit this blog post for more details.